Mahdi Zaman

PhD Candidate
  • mahdizaman [at] knights [dot] ucf [dot] edu


  • Education
  • Research Interests
  • Current Projects
  • Teaching
  • BSc, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, BUET
  • MS, Computer Engineering, UCF
  • Connected Autonomy
  • Intelligence and Perception
  • Infrastructure-based Vehicular Communication Services
  • Knowledge Distillation for Vehicular Perception
  • Algorithms for Machine Learning (CAP 4611, Spring 2023)
  • Digital Systems (EEE 3342, Fall 2020 - Fall 2022)
  • Computer Organization (EEL 3801, Fall 2021)

I am a PhD candidate at CAVREL. My research focuses on communication and learning; two key components to achieve vehicular autonomy. I am deeply interested in learning about knowledge, learning and perception. Please visit my google scholar profile for the full list of my published research.